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If you are interested in joining our parish, registration is one part of the process; for your convenience, follow this link: REGISTRATION FORM. Please return the completed form to the office or you may place it in the collection basket any Sunday.

We are here to care for your pastoral needs as well; this link PASTORAL CARE will provide additional information about Anointing of the Sick, Visiting and taking Eucharist to the homebound and more. . .

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Bible Study
   —with Deacon Larry Day

The Summer Bible Study begins Tuesday, June 8 and will continue on June 23, July 14 and July 28. Time: 7:00 pm. Sessions will take place in the Francis Hall which is handicapped accessible. This series will focus on the Psalms. Anyone who has an interest in the Bible is welcome and encouraged to attend. BRING YOUR BIBLE! Invite a friend to join us.  All are welcome!!
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Shopping Cent$ . . . Gift cards are a good value for whatever your need.  Home repair, dining out, gifts, groceries, etc. They are available after Mass on all weekends except the first weekend of the month. The Order Form is available online  or in the Gathering Space after Mass. Remember they help our parish school St. John the Baptist, without extra cost to you.
Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers


June 29: Is it any wonder that couples are finding it more difficult to make and keep marriage vows when promiscuity is portrayed as normative on TV, movies, websites, and annoying emails. This week, be mindful of what the media is feeding your psyche.



Jul 3: Mistakes It's OK to let your Kids Make
     Let them fail a test.
     Let them run low on gas.
     Let them forget their practice equipment.
     Let them leave their homework at home.
     Let them forget their lunch.
     Let them wear dirty socks.
     Let them miss a target.
     (from a Family Minute with Mark Merrill) 

Used with permission: "By Susan Vogt,"

From the Archdiocese

Follow the link below for information on the Vatican Synod on the Family to be held in October 2015.

Five Year Plan Vision Statement

To be a vibrant, Catholic, Christian, family community who...

  • In the spirit of justice, welcomes, accepts, ministers to and serves all.
  • Trusts in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and acts on it.
  • Empowers our members to assume the responsibility to enhance worship, prayer and service.
  • Prays and praises together with confidence and energy.
Mission Statement

The mission of the Corpus Christi Community is the mission of the Church, which is that of Jesus Himself—to bring about God’s Kingdom.  We do this by proclaiming and teaching God’s word, celebrating the sacred mysteries, and serving people in their need. Thus our three basic ministries are 


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Saint of the Day
a feature of Franciscan Media
 Peter Claver: A native of Spain, young Jesuit Peter Claver left his homeland forever in 1610 to be a missionary in the colonies of the New World. He sailed into Cartagena (now in Colombia), a rich port city washed by the Caribbean. He was ordained there in 1615. <p>By this time the slave trade had been established in the Americas for nearly 100 years, and Cartagena was a chief center for it. Ten thousand slaves poured into the port each year after crossing the Atlantic from West Africa under conditions so foul and inhuman that an estimated one-third of the passengers died in transit. Although the practice of slave-trading was condemned by Pope Paul III and later labeled 'supreme villainy' by Pius IX, it continued to flourish. </p><p>Peter Claver's predecessor, Jesuit Father Alfonso de Sandoval, had devoted himself to the service of the slaves for 40 years before Claver arrived to continue his work, declaring himself 'the slave of the Negroes forever.' </p><p>As soon as a slave ship entered the port, Peter Claver moved into its infested hold to minister to the ill-treated and exhausted passengers. After the slaves were herded out of the ship like chained animals and shut up in nearby yards to be gazed at by the crowds, Claver plunged in among them with medicines, food, bread, brandy, lemons and tobacco. With the help of interpreters he gave basic instructions and assured his brothers and sisters of their human dignity and God's saving love. During the 40 years of his ministry, Claver instructed and baptized an estimated 300,000 slaves. </p><p>His apostolate extended beyond his care for slaves. He became a moral force, indeed, the apostle of Cartagena. He preached in the city square, gave missions to sailors and traders as well as country missions, during which he avoided, when possible, the hospitality of the planters and owners and lodged in the slave quarters instead. </p><p>After four years of sickness which forced the saint to remain inactive and largely neglected, he died on September 8, 1654. The city magistrates, who had previously frowned at his solicitude for the black outcasts, ordered that he should be buried at public expense and with great pomp. </p><p>He was canonized in 1888, and Pope Leo XIII declared him the worldwide patron of missionary work among black slaves.</p>
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