Stewardship Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Corpus Christi Stewardship Council is to engage parishioners in bringing about God's Kingdom by encouraging the discovery and nurturing of God's many gifts. By sharing these gifts and talents both with the Parish and the community, they are returned with increase to the Lord. Embracing this way of life cultivates an attitude of prayer, joy and gratitude. In unity, as members of the Body of Christ, we seek to serve as Christ served. 

Written July 2013


As each one has received a gift,
use it to serve one another
as good stewards of God's varied grace.

(1 Peter 4:10)

Stewardship is not something new. The themes run throughout the Old Testament; and especially in the New Testament. More that twenty years ago the bishops of the United States wrote a Pastoral Letter entitled "Stewardship, A Disciple's Response." It is the cornerstone on which our stewardship is founded. "As with all things pertaining to the Gospel, stewardship is fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives."

"Stewardship always starts with the personal experience of the Risen Christ in our midst and in our hearts. It is a vocation to discipleship...Discipleship requires the surrender of ourselves through grace and choice to Jesus Christ."2

The bishops define a Christian Steward as: 
1. "One who receives God's gifts gratefully;

2. cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner;
3. shares them in justice and love with others;
4. and returns them with increase to the Lord."3

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The "3 T's"

The traditional speech of stewardship refers to "3 T's;" TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE. It is appropriate to define each of these terms in our present context.  

TIME is the one items we all have "too little of." "A true understanding of stewardship begins with taking care of and sharing the gift of time."1 There are, however, 24 hours in everyone's day, no more, no less. In that 24 hours we rest, nourish our bodies, nourish our minds (sometimes), work, play, exercise is good, and there must be time to pray. Our stewardship of time is about balancing our day so that prayer is not the last item of the day, when we are exhausted. Our schedules must be carefully planned.

TALENT is about the special gifts and blessings we have received from our Creator. The stewardship of talent is about more than giving of our time to help a neighbor, or volunteer at church; it is about giving something of ourselves. It is an intimate sharing of who we are for the good of others.

TREASURE is where some folks get stuck when they think about stewardship. "Money and all of the things that we posses (our treasure) are gifts from God that we are asked to care for and generously share for our own benefit and the good of others. It is important for us to share our money and all of our material possessions for two reasons: first, because all the good things God has made (including money) are meant to be shared, and second, because each of has a need to give."2 

Our need to give is one way of returning thanks to a loving God for all of the many blessings we have received. We don't give because the church has a need, we do so because we have a need to give.

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