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Behold the Newborn King

December 25, 2020

Words are powerful—but they can also be ignored.  Many phrases we hear all the time in church, like "Jesus is Lord" or "Son of God" hold incredible power, power that has crushed empires and brought tyrants to their knees.  But we let these phrases pass us by because we hear them so often without thinking about them.  Take a deeper look at the origins of these phrases, and see the incredible power our faith has in the face of evil.

Setting Christmas Free

December 16, 2020

Christmas has been tamed over the years.  Today, if we’re asked what the importance of Christmas is, or why we Catholics celebrate it for weeks after Christmas, we will be able to give a good answer:  it’s Jesus’ birthday.  So there, all you secular folks!  It’s more than lights and trees and songs and food:  it’s about Jesus!  But if that’s all the farther the answer goes, we’ve only untamed Christmas by a notch or two.

Prepare the Way of the Lord!

December 14, 2020

Advent is all about preparation.  What are we preparing for?  In one sense, it’s pretty obvious:  Christmas.  But that’s not all.  A central focus of Advent is not just preparing for Christmas, but through our preparation to celebrate the Lord’s birth, we prepare for His second coming in glory.