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Spring Sessions 2019 held at St. John the Baptist Church - Dry Ridge Rd., 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Session 1 - May 1st
 Session 2 - May 8th
   Session 3 - May 15th
    Session 4 - May 22nd
   Session 5 - May 29th

Parish Life

Parish Life

As the song says, "We are many parts.  We are all one body."  Many parishioners refer to Corpus Christi as "family".  There are many opportunities for social and spiritual interaction.  We come together at many different times in many different ways; to worship on weekends, during the week at Mass or periodic evenings of prayer.  We have loads of fun here at our home away from home.  Spaghetti dinners, picnics, study groups, social luncheons/day trips, and receptions such as The feast of Corpus Christi and 100 year old's birthdays.

Our family gatherings happen throughout the Corpus Christi campus.  There is our beautiful Francis Hall, the Gathering Space, the Parish Center Library, the McAlarney Building, and the outdoor garden areas. 

Yes, WE ARE FAMILY and we are ONE BODY.  As a parish we are greatly blessed to have each other.